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In 1987, a few years after ending his service with the U.S. Marine Corps, Bob became a locksmith. Since then, he has serviced south Orange County with honesty and integrity. Call Bob for a fair quote or some neighborly advice.


Re-Key Your Locks

Taking possession of a new home or business? Re-key your locks to ensure that you know who does and does not have access to your property.


Front door hardware giving you trouble? Perhaps you need another deadbolt added to your door. Or your tax refund check is going toward sprucing up your home with new interior hardware and hinges. Mailbox locks, cabinet locks, door repair...Call us to bring your home back up -to-snuff. 


Whether your office needs a Master-key system, access control system, or simply has a leaky door closer unit, give us a call. We also do high-security locks, file cabinets, panic bars, etc.


We've heard it all. If it's lock/door-related, then we can probably fix it. If we can't, then we will refer you to another locksmith or handyman that we trust.

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to “re-key” my locks?

 Re-keying is typically done to make a new key fit your current locks and to make the current key no longer work. Other options include master re-keying, which allows multiple keys to fit the same lock. 

When should I re-key?

 It is important to re-key your locks anytime you move into a new home or business. This ensures that you are the only person with access to the new building or residence. It is also a good idea to re-key when firing an employee or removing a roommate. Even if an individual returns a key, other copies could exist. 

Can I change my mailbox lock?

 Yes. The worst part about missing mail is that you don't even know it's missing. Your mailbox lock should be changed at the same time that your home or business is re-keyed. 

Are you a shop or a mobile service?

We are strictly a mobile service.

Can I make all of my locks fit the same key?

If all of your locks fit the same key now, then we can make them fit again after re-keying. Generally speaking, locks by different manufactures are incapable of fitting on the same key. Exceptions do exist and should be discussed on a case- by-case basis. 

Do you provide 24 hour service?

No, our business hours are 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri, as well as Saturday mornings. 

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